Meet Kim... Kim is a qualified and registered veterinary nurse from the UK, as well as a qualified horse riding instructor. Kim created Wild Inside Adventures after a life changing experience working as a member of staff on a veterinary programme in South Africa.

Kim has always had a deep love and passion for both animals and South Africa and initially left the UK in 2015 to work on the programme for three months as a career break. Those three months then turned into a five year adventure as she realised she wasn't ready to leave just yet!

Meet the Face Behind Wild Inside Adventures ......
Wild Inside Adventures Veterinary Volunteer Programme

After working on the programme for two years Kim got a position as a veterinary nurse at Wild Coast Vet, the clinic that volunteers visit as part of the veterinary programme. Kim is still heavily involved with teaching the students while they are at the clinic, and takes part on the other aspects of the programme when she can.

Wild Inside Adventures and it's projects are a result of a passion for animals. veterinary work, Africa, riding, travel, volunteering, and of course... adventure! Kim decided she wanted to share these amazing experiences with other people.

Why Book With Wild Inside Adventures? 

As Wild Inside Adventures is a small-scale, independent agent, we can give you more time and attention. We have in depth knowledge of all of the experiences we offer  and can answer any question you have.

We understand how nerve wracking solo travel can be, so safety and enjoyment when on any of our trips is our utmost priority for anyone we book in. We are available to help you at all times and  enjoy building relationships with clients who book through us.


Did You Know? ......

Wild Inside Adventures also offers a range of horse riding safaris throughout Africa! 

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