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Clinical Work

Wild inside Vet Volunteers South Africa The Clinic
Wild inside Vet Volunteers South Africa The Clinic
Wild inside Vet Volunteers South Africa The Clinic

This part of the project takes place at a local mixed practice clinic.

The clinic was converted from an old dairy shed by past volunteers, and was then taken over by a team of two local vets and opened as a private practice; 'Wild Coast Vet'.

Volunteers shadow the team of three experienced vets through a typical working day at the clinic in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

There is never a dull day at the clinic and volunteers have the chance to assist with and observe anything from routine sterilisations to snake bites, leg amputations, caeserean-sections and fractured legs!

Volunteers develop many skills at the clinic and there is always something new to learn. On quiet days students are also involved with collecting dogs from local townships to be sterilized, as part of community outreach work.



Activities May Include ...

  • Observing surgeries.

  • Assisting with anaesthetic monitoring.

  • Learning about common diseases and illnesses in a range of different species.

  • Clinical examinations on patients, including temperature, pulse and respiration.

  • Peri-opertive care of patients, including recovery after surgery.

  • Assisting and observing during consultations.

  • Lab work - including looking at blood smears and performing faecal analysis.

  • Lectures form vets or nurses on a range of clinical subjects.

  • Analysing x-rays.

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