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 Farm Work 

This section of the programme gives volunteers the chance to work with a range of livestock species at local commercial farms, including pigs, sheep and cattle. 

This experience can be invaluable to volunteers wanting to work with animals in the future, with lots of practice handling and treating large farm animals.













Wild inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Pregnancy Testing

​Activities May Include....

  • Injecting, dipping and providing other preventative healthcare to a range of livestock species.

  • Artificial insemination of cattle and pigs.

  • Learning about common diseases in livestock, and learning about illnesses and diseases specific to South Africa.

  • Treating and preventing endo + ecto-parasites in livestock.

  • Hoof trimming - sheep and goats.

  • Safe handling and husbandry of large animals.

  • Lectured tours around dairy and pig farms.

  • Assisting and learning about herd health.

  • Pregnancy testing cattle and sheep via manual palpation and ultrasound scans.

  • Lambing at local sheep farms.

  • Treating minor injuries.

Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Lamb
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Artificial Insemination
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers Ultrasound Scan South Africa