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Community Work

This part of the programme really allows volunteers to make a difference in South Africa, as well as getting an amazing insight into the culture of the local Xhosa people. 

Participants will visit townships in the area, treating and helping domestic animals that would otherwise receive no veterinary treatment. Visits to rural communities involve treating livestock in a similar situation.

Participants will learn how to handle domestic animals safely, how to treat and prevent both ecto-parasites and endo-parasites, practice treating wounds, and will also play a role in educating the community.

A range of species is covered, from dipping dogs to treating cattle, goats and sheep.

Spay drives are also included in this section of the programme when available.

Usually followed by a group of inquisitive local Xhosa children, volunteers will be thrown right into the centre of Xhosa communities, and make a massive impact on the health of the dog population, as well as other animals.

Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Community Education
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Horse Castration
Wild Inside Vet Volunteer South Africa Dop Dipping

Activities May Include ......


  • 'Dipping' dogs to prevent and treat mange. Volunteers learn about the parasites that cause mange, how to recognise it, and practice handling nervous dogs unused to much human contact.

  • Administering preventative healthcare such as de-worming, and giving basic veterinary treatment to dogs, cows, horses, sheep and goats in local poor communities where these animals would usually have usually have no access to veterinary care.

  • Learning and practicing how to administer various forms of parasite control to a range of species.

  • Providing basic wound care and first aid.

  • Experience traditional life in both rural communities and townships.

  • Volunteer at  sterilisation drives with dogs and horses, assisting the vets with peri-operative care before, during and after surgery. 

  • Hoof trimmimg goats and sheep.

Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Mange
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Chippy
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Dipping Puppies
Wild Inside Vet Volunteers South Africa Puppies In A Bucket