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Wild Inside Veterinary Volunteer Programm South Africa. Pregnancy Testing Cows.
Wild inside Veterinary Volunteer Programme. Injured Dog. Veterinary work.
Wild Inside Veterinay Volunteer Programme South Africa. Wildlife Work Game Capture Blesbok
Wild Inside Veterinary Volunteer Programme South Africa. Community Work.
Wild Inside Adventures Veterinary Volunteer Programme South Africa Game Vehicle.

The Programme


The programme is extremely diverse, with a wide range of activities, made up of four main components.

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Participants on the project experience South Africa's vast array of life through both practical and theoretical lessons. The hands-on approach of the programme offers volunteers the invaluable opportunity to gain experience with veterinary medicine, work with a wide range of species and help communities with no access to veterinary care. 

Volunteers experience the 'real' South Africa: discovering new cultures, travelling around the Eastern Cape, and working within townships, rural communities, game reserves and farms in the area.

Who Should Apply?

Animal Lovers - These volunteers do not have to have a lot of experience in veterinary work and may or may not be interested in veterinary medicine. The focus is more on the exciting and unique opportunity to work with exotic wildlife, experience new things and on helping diseased and malnourished animals in local communities.

Pre-Vets - These volunteers may be students in high school, students on a gap year or those in college or university wanting to go on and study veterinary medicine. The programme allows these participants to gain experience that will help them decide if veterinary medicine is for them, will provide a unique experience that will stand out on applications for vet school, and will provide an opportunity for practical experience that may not otherwise be available.

Vet Students, Student Nurses

+ Veterinary Nurses  - These participants will have a more intensive programme. The programme allows these volunteers the chance to practice skills they have already learnt, whilst developing new ones. These volunteers may take part in the programme as part of their course and learning, or simply for a new experience in the case of qualified veterinary nurses.